3 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Concrete Poolside

You are probably wondering, why should I scrub or clean my pool as I add chlorine and sanitize chemicals to the water? Even if you add these chemicals or other substances to the water, it still needs professional washing and scrubbing. For regular cleaning, bleach and soap with brush scrubbing will be enough. But sometimes, there is a stubborn substance that can only go with power washing.  

Regular professional pressure washing is necessary to keep the pool deck clean. Homes in tropical areas and any beachfront location need power washing more than others.

Here are three reasons why cleaning is necessary for concrete poolside:


  1. Sand, silt, grit, and other residues that wash in from beaches get on the concrete’s surface, and those are difficult to wash with standard cleaning tools. This gritty residue can damage the concrete and stone, cause cracks, chips, and create a slick that is unsafe to walk on the surface.
  2. Sometimes a simple bleach cleaning may not work with chlorine, and the pool chemicals wash away from the concrete’s surface. These chemicals can dry put the poolside and make brittle to prone cracking. So, pressure washer cleaning is needed to keep the poolside smooth.
  3. If you do not clean the pool, bacteria and algae may often accumulate on the concrete and stain it. So, you must clean them to avoid damaging the concrete poolside.

Make Maintenance Simple


Sealants and other protective measures are used to protect the look and lifespan of a concrete pool deck, but no matter what you do, the stains and spills are not avoidable. But those spills and stains still can occur from time to time. As a result, cleaning a concrete poolside is essential. It is easy to clean; it only requires mild detergent and a little amount of elbow grease. Also, this concrete poolside does not need hours of cleaning. Sometimes, a protective concrete coating can hold out against water, salt, chemicals, cracking, hard impacts, ultraviolet rays, peeling, mold, and mildew. So, professional pressure cleaning can make the poolside look beautiful.  

image-before image-after