How to clean the siding of your home

Have you ever noticed black, white, green, and gray stains that are suddenly growing on your siding? There is nothing sudden about this as it is growing and getting worse. Siding is a durable and attractive part of your home, and it needs frequent maintenance to keep it new. If dirt, stains, grime, mold, and mildew grow on your home exterior, it will lose its appearance. So, you need to know some tips on how you can manage cleaning for your siding. 

Some Good siding cleaner solutions include:


  • Cleaning sidings by hand, can be time-consuming and tiring. Some people choose pressure washing to save you valuable time and energy and give you a clean result. But if you do it incorrectly, it can damage your siding and cause you many problems. So, you can always rely on experts to do the job. 
  • To clean light mold and mildew stains, use 70% water and 30% bleach mixture and apply to siding. 
  • If you want stronger solutions, then you can reduce the amount of water and mix it with bleach or pool shock.
  • If you are worried about landscaping, pre rinse any plants or vegetation before applying the solution. The bleach solution can easily be rinsed off the siding without causing damage.
  • Pouring the simple green outdoor cleaner offers an environmentally friendly solution specially made to use vinyl and aluminum siding, stucco, terra cotta roof tiles, and painted wood. You have the option to use a pressure washer to clean any hardscape, brick or concrete foundation underneath the siding.
  • Let the solution sit on the siding for about 5-10 minutes before rinse it off with water using your water hose.
  • Do not let the solution dry on the surface, as it can be harder to clean and it may damage your siding.
  • General household bleach friendly cleaners or surfactant can be applied in tough dirt and stains that are created by topsoil, grass, grease, rust, oil, rust, crayon, ink, and bubble gum.   
Please Note:


Sometimes DYI solutions can also be a headache which is why hiring a professional pressure washing business to clean your home is the perfect solution to save time and money.

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