Easy Steps to Prevent Your Garden Hose from Freezing This Winter

A garden hose left outside during winter can damage it, such as cracking or freezing, especially when the hose has water inside it. A frozen connected hose can cause water pressure issues inside the pipes and water lines of your home. Preparing for the winter is a wise move even if you live in mild winter with only a short time with freezing temperature. Here is a step by step guide to preventing the hose from freezing:

Step 1:

Turn off the outside water spigot to prevent the additional water
from entering the pipe.

Step 2:

Linear the twists to allow the water to pass freely through the hose.

Step 3:

Remove the remaining water from the hose. Also, detach the
attachments like sprinkle heads to get rid of water.

Step 4:

Detach the hose from the water spigot.

Step 5:

Ensure you have removed every last of water remaining inside of
your garden hose.

Step 6:

Wind the hose into a circular shape to prevent it from kink or
twisted when you store it.

Step 7:

Store the hose on a warm surface to prevent it from freezing or

Step 8:

Use a hanger or a large bucket to keep the hose. Because when you
hang a hose on a nail, that can cause kink from the stress and weight on
one spot.