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What Algae and Mold Can Do to Your Home?

When people see black streaks or patches on their roof, siding, or patio, most homeowners think it is dirt or even mold. But often, they are less threatening algae. When there are mold and mildew, the problematic situation is, it can be widespread and create costly havoc on your home. 
Don’t worry; all these problems can be treatable if you become conscious and take the proper steps in time. Here I will explain what algae and mold can cause problems for our home.  


Algae is a moss-like plant that is naturally occurred by airborne spores. It grows more in humid climate because of the presence of sun and moisture. Algae is a common problem on asphalt roof shingles. But at this current state the algae can not eat away or damage roof shingles or cause harmful effects on your family. However, having a fresh, clean look can boost your home value.


Mold is a shape of fungus that can grow from moisture, dark, and available food source. Most severe mold can cause serious health problems like asthma, irritated eyes, throat to headaches, and lung problems. It can grow in warm, damp, and poorly ventilated basements, crawl space, and attics that can spread to the sidings, roof, and deck. Eliminating mold with a proper home or roof soft wash can save you a lot of money on repairs in the future.

Power Washing Worcester MA