The Difference Between Pressure Washing and Soft Washing

Keeping your property exterior clean is essential and it keeps your home attractive by eliminating any algae, mold, moss, lichen or any other harmful contaminants and bacteria. You need to decide on whether you want to use pressure washing or soft washing method. You need to determine which service would be right for you and understand the difference and benefits of using them. As they are different in term of use, here is what you need to know,  

Pressure Washing:

Pressure washing uses water forcefully to remove any type of dirt, mold and mildew on the surface with the use of a pressure washer. It is a handy tool, and safe to use when used properly. Having one of your own can help you clean up the driveway or siding of your home effectively and conveniently. 

Pressure washing is recommended for the surface like concrete sidewalks, driveways, walkways, paved patios, brick, stone, and other hardscape surfaces.

Soft Washing:

Soft washing does not give any pressure, but they give chemicals to wash. These chemicals are safe for the home, and it is environmentally friendly. Pressure washing only uses water blast, but soft washing involves the use of lowpressure water that does not exceed 50 psi combined with a biodegradable, environmentallyfriendly solution. It can kill any algae or bacterial that grows in your house. It causes zero damage to your property, and it can be done within a day. 

Soft washing is best for the surface like cedar shake, vinyl siding, wood panel siding, stucco, coquina, screens, screened enclosures, and also on roofs.